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Dear Driver,


Like so many out there, we are passionate about exploring freedom and living life to the fullest. Driving is a great expression of how we can explore this freedom, away from the normal interruptions often found in life and work. Driving provides us time to think, time to breath - even if the destination is unknown. 


Lusso Strada was created to celebrate our time on the road, bringing drivers together - similar to the knowing nod as we pass each other going our own direction. By sharing a brand to represent our passion anywhere, drivers can proudly wear our products and remind themselves that the next drive is calling.


We appreciate the tightness of time - even though we may carve out those moments to adventure behind the wheel, it seems routine life comes back around all too soon. Our timeless, subtle designs allow a seamless switch between the early Sunday morning drive to the family Sunday lunch. 


So whether you prefer a solo drive, a convoy with friends, or a jaunt across Europe, our products will give you the comfort and confidence to express the joy of being in a great car, on a great road. Whether you pause for a coffee break, an overnight stop, or tuck the car back up in the garage, take LSt. with you as you head back out to rest of the world.

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